Imagine: Space holding + Sisterhood + Support

Imagine: Lifted + Encouraged + Celebrated to RISE

Imagine: Feeling the sisterhood has your back + partnership with the men in your life  

In a world where …

Men have been deemed superior to women

Women tear each other down

Scarcity breeds competition

We (Sistership Circle Facilitators) created a special gathering called “Sol-Sister” for you because we know what it’s like to be on your journey as a woman. You need support. You need sacred self-care. You need a container of sisters who have your back.

Especially as you step into your brilliance, speak your truth and rise up into your feminine power.

Sistership Circle Facilitators all over the world have co-created a day that celebrates YOU as a woman.

We have created a container that showers you with support, love, ritual, free-flow journaling, dancing, and fun! 

“Sol-Sister Celebration” is about you releasing the roles that society has confined you to, so you can step fully into sacred sisterhood and create partnership with the divine masculine.

If we want to create a world that works, where people feel connected, loved and appreciated, we have to do the work as women to integrate our feminine and masculine so we can create right relationship with our sisters and brothers. Community is essential for you. 

Sharing in a sacred Circle of women is essential for you. Being heard is essential for you. Opening up is essential for you. Being honest about what you’re feeling is essential for you.

Visionary sisterhood is being remembered because it’s needed now more than ever. As modern day women, many times we are isolated, spending hours in front of the computer, living in a vacuum. 

Who supports YOU as you support everyone???

It is your turn!

When a Circle holds you in the light, you are far more likely to rise.

Ready to join us?